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Please read our terms and conditions before initiating any transaction.

The subsequent provisions delineate the rules and regulations for the use of the FAMBRO.co website (henceforth referred to as "FAMBRO"), its corresponding mobile application, and the entirety of its content, services, and products available through the website. This includes, without limitation, forum software, support forums, and the hosting service ("Hosting") (collectively, the "Website"). Ownership and operation of the Website are under the purview of FAMBRO Inc ("FAMBRO"), a company duly registered within the United Arab Emirates.

Access to and use of the Website, including the FAMBRO mobile application, are offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance of all the terms, conditions, policies, and notices stated here, without modification. By navigating to or engaging with any segment of the website, you consent to adhere to these terms and conditions. Should you object to any term or condition or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with FAMBRO in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of FAMBRO. If these terms and conditions are deemed an offer by

FAMBRO, acceptance is explicitly confined to these terms. The Website is intended exclusively for use by persons who are at least 18 years of age. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you represent that you are at least 18 years old.

1. Your FAMBRO Account and Site Registration

Creating an account on the FAMBRO website signifies that you are responsible for the safeguarding of your account and you are entirely accountable for all the actions taken under your account’s name. You are obliged to inform the FAMBRO team promptly about any unauthorized access or security breaches to your account. FAMBRO will not be held liable for any activities or omissions by you, nor for any harm sustained as a result of such activities or omissions. It is mandatory for members to maintain only one FAMBRO account per person; creation of additional accounts will result in the immediate removal of the duplicates, and may lead to the suspension of the original account.

1A. User/Member Recognition

FAMBRO implements a trust system for members by issuing user recognition badges. These badges are a way to acknowledge and encourage positive participation and to support hands-on learning.

Badges can be acquired in two manners:

  1. By direct allocation from an administrative member.
  2. Automatically by the system.

Should new or existing members be perceived as suspicious, they may be placed in FAMBRO’s Safety Concern group. Members in this group receive a distinctive badge that appears alongside their user icon. More information about the Safety Concern badge can be found here.

1B. Exclusive Memberships

FAMBRO's Exclusive Membership, a subscription-based privilege, is accessible to members who have reached or surpassed a trust level of two. A comprehensive outline of the perks associated with the Exclusive Membership is available here. By subscribing to FAMBRO's Exclusive Membership, you consent to adhere to these supplementary terms of service. You also acknowledge that you are subject to the terms included in FAMBRO’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which are hereby integrated by reference into this agreement.

The transfer or assignment of Exclusive Membership to other individuals or entities is prohibited. If a member’s refund request is denied based on legitimate grounds stated in these Terms of Service and the member consequently challenges FAMBRO, the company is entitled to recoup all costs (including legal fees) incurred while contesting such a claim from the member.

FAMBRO does not guarantee the accuracy, quality, or reliability of any information, services, or products offered via or in connection with the Exclusive Memberships, explicitly disclaiming any warranties, including but not limited to: warranties concerning the availability, precision, or content of information, products, or services. FAMBRO invests significant resources to maintain the confidentiality of the listings on our platform. You agree not to replicate, disseminate, or publicly share any links, pricing, images, or any other proprietary information from our services without FAMBRO's explicit written consent. Should you contravene this agreement, FAMBRO retains the right to terminate your membership forthwith without reimbursement.

In order to inhibit simultaneous account access by multiple users, FAMBRO reserves the right to limit access for each Exclusive Member to a certain number of physical locations or devices, or to a certain number of concurrent logins. You are required to notify FAMBRO if your situation necessitates the use of multiple devices. Additionally, you must log out correctly in order to log in from a different location if such circumstances arise. Exclusive Memberships can be terminated at any time if a member infringes or disobeys our Terms of Service.

2. Member Obligations

As a member who interacts with our Website or the FAMBRO mobile application, whether by posting content, sharing links, or any other means of making material available through our services (referred to as “Content”), you bear the sole responsibility for the nature and consequences of that Content. This remains true whether the Content includes text, graphics, audio files, or computer software. By providing Content, you assert and guarantee that:

  1. The reproduction, downloading, and use of the Content will not violate the proprietary rights, including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret rights, of any third parties;
  2. In case you are producing content under employment, you have (i) acquired consent from your employer to post or distribute the Content, or (ii) received a release from your employer concerning all rights to the Content;
  3. You have adhered to any third-party licenses concerning the Content, ensuring necessary terms are passed on to the end users;
  4. The Content is devoid of viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses, or any other harmful or destructive elements;
  5. The Content is not spam, is not generated by automation or randomly, and it lacks unethical or unsolicited commercial content intended to improve third-party site traffic or search engine rankings, or to engage in unlawful acts (like phishing) or deceive recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing);
  6. The Content is not of a pornographic nature, does not promote or incite violence, and respects the privacy or publicity rights of third parties;
  7. You do not promote your content through unsolicited electronic messages such as spam links on newsgroups, email lists, blogs, other websites, or other forms of unsolicited promotional methods;
  8. Your content does not mislead readers into believing you are someone else or represent a different company; and
  9. In the event that the Content includes computer code, you have provided accurate categorization or description of the type, nature, purposes, and effects of the materials, whether or not such details have been requested by FAMBRO.

Moreover, members must:

  1. Preserve the privacy of fellow members by not disclosing any member's personal information in publicly accessible discussions.
  2. Understand and comply with the specific rules of the category in which they are posting. Rules may vary by category, so members should review them before posting. For any clarifications, members should reach out to the site administrator.

Members are explicitly prohibited from:

  1. Manipulating listings or transactions to falsely elevate trust levels.
  2. Seeking out contact details (such as phone, email, Skype, etc.) of other members.
  3. Making private or personal offers to other members. If you wish to sell something, you are required to create a post in the relevant category.
  4. Offering or engaging in any form of personal escrow or middleman services.

3. Transaction Guidelines

  1. FAMBRO acts as an intermediary and escrow service, officially registered under FAMBRO, Inc. When engaging in a transaction (Checkout Ticket), it's essential that you read and adhere to our Transaction Contract in addition to our Terms of Service. Note that each transaction may have specific guidelines or terms that need to be followed. Every transaction (Checkout Ticket) represents a binding legal agreement between the buyer and seller.
  2. Transactions must be processed through the FAMBRO checkout system, which can be accessed at the specified FAMBRO URL, unless stated otherwise in the category rules.
  3. Service fees at FAMBRO range from 1% to 10% of the transaction value. Refer to our Fee Chart for detailed information.
  4. Unless agreed upon differently within the transaction terms, sellers are expected to bear all money transfer fees involved in a transaction.
  5. Sellers and buyers are obliged to adhere to the Seller Responsibilities and Buyer Responsibilities, respectively, as outlined by FAMBRO during sales and purchases.
  6. A mandatory 24-hour grace period is provided post-transaction. During this time, buyers must verify that the delivered items/services are as described and meet the agreed terms. Should there be any issues, it is critical for buyers to inform FAMBRO staff before the grace period ends, after which FAMBRO agents may conclude the transaction as successful. For details on this grace period, please consult our guidelines.
  7. Any attempts to bypass FAMBRO's service fees or transact outside of the FAMBRO platform, including sharing contact details through private messaging or other website-based communications, will result in immediate account termination.
  8. Depending on the terms of a transaction, FAMBRO staff may request identity verification, which could involve ID submission, SMS verification, a phone call, or social network profile checks. To ensure privacy, IDs uploaded to our site are deleted from our servers within seven business days but are preserved on a secure offline hard drive for dispute resolution or in case of fraud. IDs may be disclosed to legal authorities if required by law or if there’s evidence of law violations or fraud against FAMBRO members.
  9. Before releasing any payment, sellers must transfer all rights to the sold property to an authorized FAMBRO staff member.
  10. The duration of transactions can vary significantly due to their unique nature. Factors such as audit time, response speed, and money transfer delays can affect the timeline. Typically, transactions take 1-3 business days, depending on payment methods, but can extend if complications occur.
  11. Only designated FAMBRO administrators have the authority to facilitate transactions. A current list of such admins is available for reference.
  12. FAMBRO staff are permitted to participate in buying and selling on the platform but are prohibited from reselling any acquired property on FAMBRO.
  13. Tax responsibilities and invoicing are the sole responsibility of the sellers. They must adhere to local and state VAT/TAX laws regarding the issuance of invoices to buyers. For tax-related queries, sellers should consult with a tax professional. FAMBRO cannot offer legal or tax advice due to liability reasons. As a certified escrow service, FAMBRO can only issue invoices for the services we provide, not for the total transaction amount.

4. Payment Options and Conditions

FAMBRO offers flexibility in payment methods, but the options and limits may change based on specific criteria established for each transaction. The following factors can influence the available payment methods and their limits:

  1. Transaction amount
  2. Trust levels of the seller and buyer
  3. The risk assumed by FAMBRO in the transaction
  4. Specific demands or requirements of the buyer and seller
Here are the general payment terms, unless stated otherwise within the terms of an individual transaction:
Bank Wire Transfers:
  1. Preferred by FAMBRO for its transactions.
  2. Users who are ID-verified have no specified limit for bank wire transfers, making it suitable for larger transactions.
  1. FAMBRO accepts cryptocurrency payments with no limit on the amount.
  2. Accepted cryptocurrencies may include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and potentially others.
For a detailed outline of the fees associated with various payment methods and transaction types, it is advisable to review the ‘FAMBRO Fees Explained' section on the platform's website. This will provide a comprehensive fee structure, ensuring transparency and helping both buyers and sellers to understand the potential costs involved in their transactions on FAMBRO.

5. Anti-Spam Policy
FAMBRO takes the issue of spam very seriously and is dedicated to ensuring that the use of our platform is not compromised by unsolicited, bulk, or haphazard messaging, especially when it's for commercial gain. As part of our commitment to maintaining a clean and professional environment, FAMBRO actively enforces a stringent anti-spam policy. Users who are found to be engaging in spamming activities that include, but are not limited to, unwarranted commercial data mining, aggressive product placement, and the promotion of affiliate networks, will be subject to immediate sanctions.

Regular assessments are conducted on properties transacted through our platform to ensure compliance with this policy. Non-adherence will result in immediate and permanent removal from FAMBRO. The following activities are prohibited and will lead to enforcement actions against the involved parties:

  1. Promotion within affiliate networks (CPA Networks)
  2. Intrusive or aggressive product placements
  3. Engagement in commercial data mining activities
  4. Distribution of malware or adware
  5. Phishing or deceptive practices
  6. Use of content lockers
  7. Unauthorized video streaming
  8. Promotions related to pharmaceutical products
  9. Distribution of adult content, except where specifically permitted by social platform policies
  10. Dissemination of hateful or racist content

FAMBRO urges all new proprietors of social media properties acquired through our platform to focus on creating high-quality, relevant content that genuinely engages their audience. This approach not only satisfies your followers but also ensures compliance with the guidelines set by social media platforms. A happy and engaged audience leads to a vibrant presence on social platforms, which can result in substantial benefits for the content creators who stay true to these standards

6. Visitor Responsibility on FAMBRO

FAMBRO hasn’t inspected, and cannot inspect, all materials, including computer programs and scripts, uploaded to its site, and thus cannot be held liable for the material's substance, its uses, or its potential impacts. The functioning of the FAMBRO website does not signify an endorsement of the posted content, nor does it verify its correctness, usefulness, or safety. Visitors to FAMBRO are charged with the duty to take precautions necessary to protect themselves and their computer systems from malicious or damaging entities such as viruses and other harmful programs. The content on the website might include offensive, indecent, or otherwise contentious material, as well as content riddled with factual inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, or other errors. The website could also host material that might violate the rights to privacy and publicity or infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, or the use of which might be subject to more terms and conditions, announced or otherwise. FAMBRO disclaims any responsibility for damage that might result from the use of the website by visitors or from the downloading of content posted there.

7. Content on External Websites

FAMBRO has not reviewed and cannot review all the materials, including computer programs, accessible through the sites and webpages that link to and from FAMBRO. These external sites and pages are beyond FAMBRO's control, and we are not accountable for their content or how you use them. A hyperlink to an outside site or page does not imply FAMBRO's endorsement of that site or page. It is up to you to take precautions to safeguard yourself and your computer systems from potential hazards such as viruses and other malicious software. FAMBRO assumes no liability for any damage that might arise from your interaction with websites and pages not managed by FAMBRO.

8. Copyright Violation and DMCA Guidelines

FAMBRO honors the intellectual property rights of others just as it expects its own rights to be respected. Should you suspect that your copyrighted work has been reproduced on or via links on FAMBRO in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, and if FAMBRO's website is under U.S. jurisdiction, you are prompted to alert the FAMBRO team in line with FAMBRO's adherence to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). FAMBRO pledges to address all such reports and will take necessary and appropriate action, including the removal of the contested content or disabling access to it. A user's privileges to access and utilize the FAMBRO site may be revoked if they are identified as a chronic violator of copyright or other intellectual property rights, either of FAMBRO or third parties. In such cases of revocation, FAMBRO is under no obligation to reimburse any payments made previously.

9. Intellectual Property

Under this agreement, no ownership of intellectual property owned by FAMBRO or any external entities is transferred to you. All intellectual property rights, such as ownership and interest, will remain exclusively with FAMBRO. This includes, but is not limited to, the FAMBRO name, the FAMBRO Inc entity, the FAMBRO logo, as well as any other trademarks, service marks, designs, and logos utilized by FAMBRO on its website or in relation to the service. These may be registered or unregistered trademarks of FAMBRO or are licensed to FAMBRO by third parties. Additionally, other trademarks, service marks, graphics, and logos you may see on the website belong to their respective owners. By using the site, you acknowledge that you are not granted any license or rights to use any of the FAMBRO or third-party trademarks.

10. Advertising Rights

FAMBRO retains the authority to showcase promotional content on any area within the site, including alongside or in conjunction with user-generated content.

11. Transaction Security & Guarantees

Given the inherent risks associated with online asset transactions, FAMBRO cannot be held accountable for any outcomes affecting the property or service once the transaction has been finalized. All transactions are deemed conclusive. Circumstances such as:

  1. Terminated social profiles
  2. Suspended social profiles
  3. Unpublished social profiles
  4. Reclaimed profiles/domains
  5. Compromised assets
  6. Data corruption
  7. Undelivered expectations from a service
  8. Malfeasance by the buyer or seller

These scenarios are not safeguarded by our warranty in any capacity. As FAMBRO has no influence over the future of the property/service post-completion of our involvement, the responsibility of risk is borne by the purchaser. FAMBRO’s services are limited to acting as an intermediary, with our core mission being the facilitation of secure transactions.

12. Modifications

FAMBRO retains the exclusive right to amend or substitute elements of this Agreement at its own discretion. You bear the responsibility of periodically reviewing this Agreement to stay informed of any amendments. Your sustained engagement with or access to the Website subsequent to the announcement of any alterations signifies your consent to such changes. FAMBRO may also introduce new services and/or features on the Website in the future (this may include the launch of new tools and resources). These forthcoming features and/or services will be governed by the stipulations of this Agreement.

13. Termination

FAMBRO reserves the right to revoke your access to all or any portion of the Website at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notification. Should you decide to terminate this Agreement or close your FAMBRO account (if you have one), you may simply stop utilizing the Website. Notwithstanding termination, certain sections of this Agreement which are intended to withstand such actions will remain in effect, including but not limited to, clauses pertaining to property rights, disclaimers of warranty, indemnification obligations, and limitations of liability.

14. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website is made available to you on an "as is" basis. FAMBRO, along with its suppliers and licensors, explicitly renounces all warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability, suitability for a particular use, and non-violation of proprietary rights. Neither FAMBRO nor its suppliers and licensors assure that the Website will be without errors, nor that the access to it will be uninterrupted or without breaks. You acknowledge that any downloading or otherwise obtaining of content or services via the Website is done at your own discretion and risk.

15. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstance will FAMBRO, or its suppliers or licensors, be held liable for any claim related to this agreement, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or other legal or equitable principles, for: (i) any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages; (ii) the expense of obtaining substitute goods or services; (iii) interruption of usage or loss or corruption of data; or (iv) any sums that surpass the fees you have paid to FAMBRO under this agreement in the twelve (12) month period prior to the cause of action. FAMBRO is not liable for any nonperformance or delay due to external factors beyond their reasonable control. This limitation of liability shall not be applicable where expressly prohibited by law.

16. General Representation and Warranty

You affirm and guarantee that (i) your utilization of the Website will strictly adhere to the FAMBRO Privacy Policy, Community Rules, and this Agreement, as well as comply with all relevant laws and regulations (this includes, but is not limited to, any local laws or regulations in your country, state, city, or other governing regions, pertaining to online behavior and permissible content, as well as all laws regulating the transmission of technical data from the country where the website is hosted or from the country where you are located), and (ii) your use of the Website will not infringe on or unlawfully use the intellectual property rights of any third party.

17. Indemnification Clause

You consent to indemnify and defend FAMBRO, its affiliates, employees, and licensors, along with their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Website, particularly regarding any breach of this Agreement on your part.

  1. Responsibility for Deposited Funds
  2. Members acknowledge that FAMBRO is not liable for any funds deposited during transactions if an unforeseen issue occurs with any third-party payment services or gateways, such as BlockChain.com, Binance, Coinbase, or any cryptocurrency platform, leading to an inability to access funds or a loss in their value. This includes, but is not limited to, circumstances like:
  3. Security breaches or hacking incidents
  4. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  5. Account restrictions or suspensions
  6. Bankruptcy declarations
  7. Internal employee errors
  8. Bank dissolutions
  9. Decreases in the value of deposits made in cryptocurrency

This stipulation is applicable only to events that are beyond the direct control and responsibility of FAMBRO and its associated entity, FAMBRO.

19. General Terms

This Agreement represents the full understanding between FAMBRO and you regarding its subject matter and can only be amended in writing when signed by an authorized FAMBRO executive, or through an updated version posted by FAMBRO. Unless overridden by applicable law, this Agreement and any use of or access to the Website are governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Should any part of this Agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, that portion will be interpreted to reflect the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining sections will remain effective. Neither party’s waiver of any term or breach of this Agreement constitutes a waiver of any other term or breach. You may transfer your rights under this Agreement if the transferee consents to and agrees to abide by its terms; FAMBRO may assign its rights under this Agreement without restriction. This Agreement binds and benefits the parties, their successors, and permitted assignees.

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